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Psychedelic legal highs

Space Trips

(tripping) Space Trips party pills. Designed to cause intense visuals and powerful sensory enchancement. Each...

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Mello Man

(relaxing) Mello Man relaxation party pills will help if you are stressed or just want to relax. The fabulous...

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Stimulating legal pills no prescription

Big Daddy

(social) Big Daddy party pills help you to stay alert all night long. They optimize your energy levels, maximize...

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V8 Party Pills

(stimulant) V8 stimulative party pills fill your body with rocket fuel, and let you bring the party experience...

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Energy booster pills

TNT Energy Blast

(stimulant) TNT Energy Blast pills

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Sex Intense

(sex & mood) Sex Intense aphrodisiac pills contain extracts of the nature's most potent sexual boosters. The...

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Party Pack

(party pack) Special pack. Contains a bottle of each legal high pill product. Includes a bottle...

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(stimulant) The fine blend of extracts and compounds in Hi-Octane party pills will is carefully designed to...

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